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Download Tag After School Apk For Android & IOS (Latest v9.6)

Download Tag After School Apk For Android & IOS (Latest v9.6)
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Experience the thrill of Tag After School, a game designed for those seeking a blend of fun and spine-tingling terror. Step into the timid shoes of Shota-Kun, a young schoolboy navigating the eerie corridors of a Japanese school. Engage with gripping content and chilling visuals that will send shivers down your spine. Delve into various unsettling areas of the haunted school, scavenging for crucial items while evading ghosts and navigating obstacles. Safeguard yourself from impending dangers and strategize your escape from this haunting environment.

About Tag After School

Embark on a chilling adventure in ‘Tag After School,’ a horror and Anime game that immerses players in the unsettling journey of Shota-Kun. This timid boy, tormented by bullies and plagued by a loss of self-confidence, faces an eerie challenge from a schoolmate to spend a night in an abandoned, haunted school. With trepidation, Shota-Kun accepts the dare, thrusting players into a haunted realm.

Tag After School mod Apk For Android

Assume the role of the protagonist and navigate the ominous school to uncover the exit. Explore the haunted corridors, gathering essential items such as cells, torches, and strategic tools to guide your movements. Beware of lurking ghosts that haunt the premises, requiring careful navigation to avoid them. ‘Tag After School’ unfolds as a narrative-driven experience, where players’ decisions wield significant influence over the unfolding storyline. Choose wisely, as your choices will determine the progression of the game.

Features Tag After School APK

Addictive Gameplay:

This game boasts an engaging gameplay that will captivate your attention for extended periods. It offers hours of entertainment without any hint of monotony, delivering a thrilling and terrifying experience with visually stunning elements.

Interesting Storyline:

Embark on an immersive journey with Shota-Kun, a timid schoolboy, as he confronts a daunting challenge, confronts his fears, and triumphs over adversity. Navigate through a night in a haunted school, assisting him in avoiding obstacles and discovering the path to escape.

Multiple Endings:

This game is story-driven, where players will be asked to make choices at different points of the game. Their choices will decide the ending of the story. So, the game can have multiple endings according to the decisions you make in the game.

Many Obstacles:

You must be very careful as many obstacles and enemies await you. You must avoid all obstacles and enemies to avoid unwanted problems and stay in the game and get Fun.

Explore the Haunted School:

The school is vast, offering plenty of opportunities for exploration. Visit various rooms and thoroughly examine each area for valuable items such as torches, batteries, and more. Additionally, you may encounter a helpful guide who can assist you by providing cues on when to pause or proceed.

Easy and very Simple Controls:

Besides, the best game has simple controls making it Very easy for everyone to play Tag After School APK . You can play it with your fingers, and no complex system is involved.

Riddles and Clues:

Engage with the mysteries and puzzles within the game by carefully noting the clues. Solving the riddles and puzzles is crucial for progression in the game.

How to Install Tag After School APK:

Prior to proceeding to the steps section, ensure your device is ready for game installation. Activate the ‘Unknown Sources’ installation option within your device’s Security Settings.

  • First of All Download Tag After School APK on your Android. And let it download completely.
  • Once done, find the APK file in your Files Manager App. And tap on it.locate Tag After School in File manager.
  • Now it will show you a message; tap Install and start the game installation.start Tag After School installation.
Tag After School mod Apk For Android
  • The game will take a few seconds to install. And then you can Open the game and play it.
Tag After School mod Apk For Android

Tips for Tag After School Game

Try to explore all areas to find more useful items.

  • Use your surrounding to your advantage. Use them to hide, search for things, and much more.
  • Keep an eye on your health bar. It is very very important.
  • Keep saving your progress regularly so you will not lose your game progress and can continue from the same.
  • Be quick to make the right decision. Don’t delay!

Tag After School Graphics and Game Controls:

The visuals in Tag After School are breathtaking, brimming with lively colors and intricate details. The presentation style mirrors a cinematic experience, immersing players in the sensation of witnessing an anime movie come to life. In terms of gameplay controls, they are intuitively simple: navigate through various options by clicking to determine Shota-Kun’s actions.

Tag After School FAQs:

Q. How to download Tag After School?

Ans: Since the game is unavailable on the Google PlayStore, you can download the game from any third-party websites.

Q. Is Tag After School safe for Android?

Ans: Yes, the game is safe to play. Although, you must think twice, as it can sometimes be horrifying and exciting at the same time.


Explore the world of Tag After School on Android, an exhilarating game that immerses you in the life of Shota-Kun, a young boy facing bullying for not participating in extracurricular activities. When a girl challenges him to spend a night in a haunted school, he bravely accepts. Embark on this gripping adventure as you assist Shota-Kun in navigating through the eerie school game, avoiding ghosts, and discovering essential items along the way. Tag After School Available on Download the game now to immerse yourself in a thrilling and spine-chilling experience.