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I Am Fish APK for Android Download from Playapk

I Am Fish APK for Android Download from Playapk
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Info of I am Fish Download APK:

I am Fish Download is a user-friendly video game available for Android devices, published by Curve Games. Within this game, players encounter three fish confined in a bowl, tasked with guiding them to the open sea. Offering a simulation experience, players immerse themselves in the lives of fish and marine ecosystems. Much like Hay Day Mod Apk Game, which offers a realistic farming experience.

Players bear the responsibility of safely escorting the fish back to their natural habitat, reuniting them with their families. When fish stray from their kin, they must adapt to a new environment and begin anew. I am Fish Game Download for Android entails achieving this objective by liberating all fish from their confinements.

I am Fish Download APK stands out as a logic game within the realm of simulation games. Players must solve increasingly challenging puzzles to progress towards the game’s conclusion. Along the journey, obstacles may impede progress, requiring players to demonstrate resilience in delivering the fish to safety. The player’s role in I am Fish apk is pivotal in ensuring the fish’s reunion with their companions within the game.

About I am Fish Apk Game Download Android:

In the game ‘I am Fish Download APK’, players follow the journey of four courageous fish who venture out from their homes to explore life in the ocean. These fish navigate their way through various challenges using swimming and flying abilities. Barnardshire, the tiniest country in England, serves as their starting point, where they embark on their journey from the sea.

Discover fascinating facts about three different fish species featured in the ‘I am Fish for Android’ game. The goldfish, known as one of the earliest proficient swimmers, leads a joyful and adventurous life. Pufferfish, though slow-moving, exhibit remarkable friendliness. They possess the unique ability to glide through both water and air. Lastly, the piranha, an unpredictable creature, is notorious for its penchant for biting.

I Am Fish APK for Android Download from Playapk

In ‘I am Fish APK‘, the fish protagonists exhibit resilience and courage, even capable of soaring through the air. Players must navigate through various challenges, including swimming, flying, cutting obstacles, and performing acrobatic maneuvers. Additionally, explore the ‘Overdrive II Mod APK’ game for exhilarating experiences.

Throughout the gameplay of ‘I am Fish Download APK’, players are faced with setbacks such as falling from the air or getting caught, which sends them back to the starting point. As the game progresses, players encounter diverse environments, including oceans teeming with waterfalls and inhabited by peculiar aliens. The goldfish encounters numerous obstacles in its quest for freedom within the vast sea.

Gameplay of I am Fish Game Download Android:

In the I am Fish APK download for Android, players encounter challenges as they progress through the levels. Among the three fish characters, the golden fish particularly struggles with overcoming these obstacles. Despite its efforts, overcoming this specific challenge proves to be quite difficult. However, players can mitigate these challenges by provoking the fish to stick to walls, although this requires some skill. If you enjoy simulation games like this, you might also appreciate the Bus Simulator APK.

The I am Fish APK download game offers an entertaining experience as players navigate the fish’s journey back home. Throughout the game, players must navigate various obstacles and hazards to ensure the fish’s safety. These three fish characters possess remarkably soft hearts and can even soar through the air. As players strive to reunite these fish, they will encounter Adi’s unwavering determination. For those interested in action-packed games, the Free Fire APK is a great choice.

Features of I am Fish Download APK For Android:

3D Graphics:

The game offers a highly authentic graphical experience, inviting players to immerse themselves in its various levels. Expect to encounter numerous challenges that may even induce a sense of fear. The game’s realism adds to the overall enjoyment, enhanced further by its immersive sound system. Players will feel transported to the depths of the sea, surrounded by the soothing sounds of bubbling fish.


The ‘I am Fish’ APK game offers multi-language support, similar to the Off The Road APK, ensuring that players from various countries can fully enjoy the gaming experience.

Play as Fish:

In the ‘I am Fish’ game available for download on Android, players assume the role of various fish, navigating through numerous challenges from start to finish. These obstacles test your patience as you strive to reach the sea. With a multitude of difficulties to overcome, perseverance is key to success in this immersive gaming experience.

Easy Controls

I Am Fish Download APK is a simulation game reminiscent of Minecraft APK download, where you can journey back to your aquatic habitat. Take command of a fish in its bowl, simplifying gameplay for users as they guide their aquatic friend back to the open sea.

A Fish Simulator

You have the freedom to select from a diverse array of games, all crafted to engage mobile players for extended periods. If simulation games are your passion, then the ‘I am fish’ APK game is an ideal choice. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter challenges that test your skills and perseverance. As you progress, obstacles will intensify, making it crucial to overcome them to reach the game’s conclusion. Your objective is to navigate back to your starting point and chart your own path to the sea.

I Am Fish APK for Android Download from Playapk

No Ads:

You can enjoy ad-free gameplay with the I am Fish APK download for Android, available to play at no cost.

How to Download I am Fish APK on Mobile?

  • Search PLAYAPK.STORE website for “I am Fish APK” on the browser.
  • Click and open I am Fish APK.
  • Scroll Down through the article to find the download button.
  • Get the green download button.
  • Press the download button then downloading in progress.
  • Game download complete.

How to Install I am Fish Download APK for free Android Devices?

  • First, open the downloaded file.
  • Click on the downloaded file.
  • Click on Install button now start installing process.
  • Wait for the installation process to completed.
  • After installing you can start playing the game and get fun.


I Am Fish is a captivating game that provides players with an engaging experience. With its diverse levels, appealing graphics, and immersive gameplay, it keeps players hooked. Moreover, the game offers a range of achievements and leaderboards, allowing players to compete globally. The intuitive controls and feature-rich environment further enhance the enjoyment for players.


Q1. Can I play ‘I Am Fish’ on multiple devices with the same APK?

Ans: Yes, you can install the APK on different devices, but ensure they meet the game’s system requirements.

Q2. How do I download the ‘I Am Fish’ game from

Ans: Simply visit, search for “I Am Fish,” and download the game from the provided link. Ensure to enable installation from unknown sources in your device settings.