Blue KIK V15.55 APK Free Download Premium Updated Version For Android 2024

Blue KIK V15.55 APK Free Download Premium  Updated Version For Android 2024
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About Blue Kik APK:

Download Blue Kik APK Free For PLAYAPK.STORE , Blue Kik APK a modified version of the well-known social messaging app Kik, offers users access to premium features without the need for a monthly subscription. Enjoy chatting with friends and people worldwide using the latest features available on the Blue Kik app. Spice up your conversations by adding friends and others to group chats, providing an entertaining platform for sharing thoughts and ideas.

The Blue Kik mod apk offers users the capability to seamlessly connect with their social media platforms, allowing for unique and enhanced chatting experiences. Serving as an alternative to traditional messenger apps, it comes equipped with exciting features. For those who prefer not to integrate with social media, there’s the option to engage in random chats, connecting users globally. With millions of downloads, the Kik app boasts a vast user base, providing ample opportunities to start conversations and interact with diverse profiles using your mobile phone.

What is Blue Kik APK?

Discover the innovative Blue Kik instant messenger application, designed to elevate your messaging experience. This communication app facilitates global connections, enabling users to forge new friendships. Engage in conversations with friends using features such as text, chats, emojis, videos, audio calls, and more. Share images and videos seamlessly. Access the Blue Kik APK on this site to enjoy enhanced and vibrant communication in the digital realm, complete with free premium and unlocked features.

Blue KIK V15.55 APK Free Download for playapk

Don’t be concerned about the security of this application; it guarantees your safety and is immune to malware and ransomware threats. We subjected it to antivirus checks and tested it extensively on our Android devices. Users have given numerous positive reviews, and we have addressed and resolved any identified bugs.
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Fake Camera Detector:

The Blue Kik premium app includes a fake camera detector feature aimed at bolstering security and privacy during video calls. This feature is designed to identify instances where individuals may be using a virtual camera feed or playing a prerecorded video as their camera input during video calls or similar interactions. Upon detection of a fake camera, the app sends a notification to alert the user. This unique functionality is exclusive to the Blue Kik apk, specifically tailored for Android users.

Think Bot Detector:

This remarkable functionality within the application enables users to identify thoughtful messages. It may also allude to a feature designed to recognize and filter out content indicative of trolling, misinformation, or disruptive behavior from the text sender. The app analyzes the message text, emojis, and writing style of the sender to offer insights into the thought process behind their messages.

Disable Auto DM Option:

Upon joining a new group, the application may present a notification to inform users about the default activation of automatic welcome messages. Users would then be presented with the option to either opt-in to receive automatic direct messages (DMs) or disable them for the specific group. This choice could be seamlessly integrated into the onboarding process or accessible through the group settings. To cater to diverse preferences, the Blue Kik apk could offer users the flexibility to enable or disable automatic DMs on a per-group basis.

Create Groups for Chatting:

You have the option to establish groups on the Blue Kik apk, designating administrators and inviting friends for group discussions. Whether for enjoyment, business, or information exchange, you can create limitless groups. Blue Kik apk ensures secure and private business group communication, allowing the sharing of business-related data. Each group can accommodate up to 1000 members, enabling the sharing of videos, audio, and various file types within the groups.

Customize your Profile:

Enhance your profile by providing comprehensive information during the sign-up process, including your name, image, email, and business details. Customize your profile to showcase pertinent information publicly in the community, while also having the option to selectively hide certain details. This allows other community members to view your professional profile, while respecting your privacy preferences.

Key Features of Blue Kik Apk:

These are the standout features that elevate the enjoyment and amusement for users. The blue kik mod apk introduces extra features to ensure users have a lighthearted and enjoyable experience while using this communication app.

I. Photos & Videos Sharing:

Blue Kik premium app users have the ability to share an unlimited number of photos and videos with fellow users. There are no restrictions on sharing large video files, allowing users to transmit even the largest videos seamlessly. Additionally, users can share an unlimited number of photos in the form of PDFs through this app. Some individuals also utilize the app for exchanging movies between users.

II. Black & White Themes:

It offers dual themes, catering to both light and dark preferences. Users can opt for the white theme during the day and switch to the black theme at night in this themes are use for Eyes care, providing flexibility based on individual needs. These themes are commonly referred to as light and dark themes, allowing users to customize their experience according to their preferences.

III. Anonymous Chat:

You have the option to engage in anonymous conversations with fellow users and participate in group messaging without revealing your identity. In the Anonymous mode, your profile remains hidden on your messages, ensuring that the sender’s identity is kept confidential. Only the label “Anonymous” is displayed instead of your profile information. Additionally, you can share items publicly without disclosing your identity.

IV. Auto Responder:

Autoresponder is a very useful feature of this apk apk that allows the users to respond auto to every message when they are offline. If you are busy it will auto respond to every person who messages you. Just write the random text in the autoresponder text section (I’m busy right now, but Will contact you Soon, i will be working sleeping etc). Your message will be sent to every person who will message you when you are unavailable.

V. Unlimited Font Styles:

The Blue Kik Apk offers a plethora of unlimited and impressive font styles for text chatting, serving as a valuable feature to elevate your messaging experience. Choose from various font styles to send visually appealing text messages. Additionally, you have the option to italicize and bold your text before sending it using this application.

VI. Unlimited Emojis and Sticker:

Alot of Emojis and stickers in this apk. During the chatting emojis and stickers are very important because these will help you to share your thoughts and thinking that you can’t write. Emojis represent emotions like how’s your mood feeling or sad, objects, concepts, and many more. Unlimited Emojis of different objects and emotions, you can send in groups and friends and GF BF in private chats. To send an emoji or sticker, you could tap on the desired emoji or sticker in the panel and it would be added to the text input field.

Blue KIK V15.55 APK Free Download for playapk

VI. User Interface:

The app’s uncomplicated UI design serves as a magnet for users, enticing them to engage with its features. The intuitive and user-friendly interface, adorned with timeless colors and font styles, is poised to enhance the overall user experience. On the main screen, users can expect to find a list showcasing recent chats and group conversations. Each chat entry may feature the profile picture or avatar of the contact or group, accompanied by their respective name. To highlight unread messages, a badge or bold font could be employed.


Q. Is Blue Kik APK Safe to Use?

Ans: Blue Kik is the modded APK version of the original app but is safe, secure, and reliable for all Android devices. It has been tested by different trusted resources and is also safe from malware. Now Download Your Favourite APPs and Games Free.

Q. Is there any risk of getting banned?

Ans: No, there is no risk of getting banned from the official sources. You can use it without any restriction. Just Download And Install it.


Blue Kik APK is a customized edition of the Kik application, providing users with premium features and a perpetual free subscription, enabling global communication with friends and new connections. It incorporates additional functionalities like a fake camera detector, think bot detector, and profile customization. The application is secure for download on both Android and iOS devices.