Download Tag After School Apk v9.6 Free For All Devices (Updated Version) 2024

About to Tag After School

Tag After School apk is a frightening game where you step into the role of Shota-Kun. As Shota-Kun, you portray a timid boy who endures bullying from his peers, leading to a loss of self-assurance. One afternoon after school, a fellow student dares him to spend a night in an abandoned, haunted school, and he agrees to the challenge.

Afterward, he will discover himself trapped within the eerie confines of the haunted school. As the central character, your primary objective is to uncover an escape route. Embark on a journey to explore the school, scavenging for useful items such as batteries, flashlights, and objects that offer guidance on when to advance and when to halt. Beware, for the school is teeming with ghosts, requiring utmost caution to evade them. This narrative-driven game hinges on players’ choices, as their decisions significantly influence the trajectory of the gameplay.

What is the purpose of the TAG after-school APK?

Tag After School APK offers an Encouraging gaming experience for both iOS and Android devices, elevating the traditional childhood game of tag to new levels of excitement! Whether you’re challenging with your best friends or facing off against strangers online and you are join and get to play Tag After School apk it’s updated version available on, you’ll race to outmaneuver your opponents while unlocking characters, power-ups, and levels along the way. With limitless customization options, this virtual playground promises endless thrills. Get ready to embark on an epic adventure through Tag After School.

Best Features:

Captivating gameplay:

The game offers captivating gameplay that will engage you for extended periods. It provides hours of entertainment without inducing boredom, immersing you in thrilling visuals that evoke terror and horror.

Interesting Story Of Tag After School APK:

The game immerses players in the story of Shota-Kun, a timid schoolboy, as he confronts a challenge, tackles his fears, and ultimately triumphs. Tasked with spending a night in a haunted school, players must assist him in navigating obstacles and discovering the path to safety.

Multiple User :

This narrative-focused game prompts players to make decisions at various junctures, shaping the outcome of the story. With multiple endings determined by player choices, each playthrough offers a unique experience.

Numerous challenges:

You need to exercise caution as numerous obstacles and adversaries lie ahead. To prevent undesirable complications and remain in the game, it’s imperative to steer clear of all obstacles and enemies.

Exploreing the best Haunted School Game:

The school is vast, allowing you to thoroughly explore every corner. Venture into various rooms and inspect all areas for valuable items such as torches, batteries, and other useful items. Additionally, you may encounter a guide who can assist you by providing direction on when to pause and when to proceed.

East to Controls

Furthermore, the game boasts simple controls, ensuring accessibility for all players. It can be easily played using just your fingers, without any intricate systems to navigate.

Enigmatic Puzzles and Hints:

Within the game, there are mysteries and puzzles to unravel. Thus, closely observe the clues provided to successfully solve the riddles and puzzles, as they are crucial for progressing further in the game.

A Lot of enemies and challenges await:

This thrilling adventure game is packed with unexpected twists and exhilarating moments! Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter an array of adversaries, from spiders and bats to other creatures. To endure, you’ll need to employ cunning strategies to outwit these foes. Stay vigilant as you navigate through numerous traps that lie in wait. Furthermore, exercise caution around the mysterious woman adorned in a striking red mask; she shows no mercy to those who venture too close!

How to install APK File Tag After School Apk Updated version?

  1. Tap the right side button
  2. downloaded APK file.
  3. Click to install button.
  4. Follow the steps on the screen of your Smart phone.

Ending Words:

So, that’s the gist of Tag After School, available for both Android and iOS. It’s an exhilarating game where you step into the shoes of a young Guy named Shota-Kun. Bullied for not participating in extracurricular activities, he’s accepts all a challenge from a girl to spend a night in a haunted school. And thus, the adventure begins. Your task is to aid him in finding a best way to out of the school, navigating carefully through ghostly encounters and searching for useful items along the journey.

Download the game Form now and immerse yourself in this thrilling and spine-chilling experience.